What we do

Bringing enhanced productivity and simplified operations to your organisation

We help your business tap it’s highest potential through the most advanced technology and carefully constructed services
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    Enterprise Network Management


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    System Integration


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    Business Process Consulting


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    Software Development


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    Recruitment and Outsourcing


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    Cyber Security


  • coverage
    Mechanical Road Sweeping


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    Smart Health


Case Studies

Eliminate the IT challenges your business is facing

Focus on the relationship

We believe in building relationships with our customers and therefore make sure that all our customers are left happy and satisfied

Customer Value

We at HTP Global Technologies make sure that we provide the highest possible value to our customers at the cheapest possible cost

Mutual Benefit

We at HTP believe that our customer’s benefit and growth is directly proportionate to our own growth. Therefore, we take our customer’s benefit and growth very seriously

Why choose us?

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    Optimise your IT systems

    Increase your business efficiency and decrease costs with our services

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    Focus on your core business

    And let us help with the supporting functions that enable you to be at the top of your game

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    One stop

    Find everything information technology related under one roof so that you don’t have to look anywhere else

Our Clients

Helping businesses around the world

We at HTP acknowledge that businesses cross borders and need service providers that go where they go. We have maintained a global presence over the years so that we can serve our customers wherever and whenever they need us.

Our Presence